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"No story lives unless someone wants to listen."

- J.K. Rowling



You wish to create your own ceremony but don't really know where to start and would need a few tips ? I can help.

From 150 €

I create your custom-made ceremony, guide you for choosing the key elements of it and help you come up with the perfect setting.


From 1 990 €

A joyous event will change your lives forever and you wish to welcome baby in a meaningful way? Say no more, I am on it.


À partir de 690 €

What my couples thought of their ceremonies

Extracts of Camille & Raphaël's ceremony

Domaine de Vermoise - June 15th 2019

It is about listening to you, discovering you, understanding you, figuring you out, guiding you softly, immerse myself in your story, allowing you to date and to express yourselves, and most importantly, bringing out the best of most precious sides of your couple.

In each ceremony I leave a bit of myself and take back a bit of you with me. I treasure all the love and magic of this shared instant. So, ready?

Being a ceremony creator is so much more than simply attending your event to officiate it !



Helping you choose the right words to tell your love one what your truly feel.

90 €/pers ou 150 €/couple

For guests who wish to say a few words which will make the groom and bride's eyes teary.

60 €/pers

For the ones who want to create themselves their ceremony but still need a hand.

From 350 €

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