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Angela & Guillaume - The recipe of Love

Dernière mise à jour : 18 déc. 2019

They met at a professional event down the block in New York and have been in love pretty much ever since. Their civil ceremony took place in Manhattan at the end of 2018 but it is in the South of France, where Guillaume has its origins, that they wished to spend their big day, surrounded by all their friends and families. A bilingual ceremony to allow everyone to understand the depth and meaning of their engagement. Backstage spoilers !

Bilingual ceremony, groom and bride couple exchanging vows in front of their arch next to a lake
Credit photo: Alex C photographies

Food, wine and love

Both of the groom and bride are passionate souls who live for their jobs and always thrive for more: her as an independant dietetician and him working for a one of the largest French wine producers. It was impossible not to fall in love with their story. The ambitious Frenchie with the strong mindset and the sweet American girl who thought noboby would ever tick all her boxes. Their love was a perfect match, just like their shared passion for lifestyle. Beyond everything, they love cooking together or discover new places, trying and tasting and always debating on how to improve it. But Angela and Guillaume are also beautiful hearts; kind and caring for their loved ones, whether they live nearby or on the other side of the planet.

I love ambitious people. And do you know why? Because when it comes to their relationships, they will never settle for something that would hold them back. They have high expectations for themselves and for others, but that also means they will give their all for the ones they love.
- Extract of Angela & Guillaume's ceremony

Groom and bride laughing during their wedding ceremony in the south of France American Chinese wedding
Credit photo : Alex C photographies

Both coming from families where you do not easily express your feelings, their ceremony was an amazing opportunity to let members of their families speak. And funny enough, if Angela only has sisters... Guillaume only has brothers. Many secrets of their young years were shared, some hilarious memories of their most iconic moments as kids and some very moving where everyone expressed their love and admiration for the people they have become. I even managed to prepare a surprise for Guillaume : his lifelong best friend did not want to make a speech, too scared of public speaking. Without anyone knowing, I managed to get her to trust in herself and grab this moment to tell him how important he was in her life. A few tissues were used everytime a new speaker came in front of the audience. Needless to say it was the perfect balance for this beautiful hot summer day.

Getting everything ready in... a month

Photo of the guest laughing during the wedding ceremony
Credit photo : Alex C photographies

So was it the perfect ceremony ? Honestly it was! Except I had to prepare everything in... one month... Following a slight hiccups with the celebrant they has initially planned on hiring, they had no other choice and needed a last minute solution. I was quite scared at first! I had never created a ceremony on such short term basis, but I fell in love with their story and really wanted to help. And very quickly, I realised they were super organised and trustworthy people who were ready give their best to make it work. In the end, we were on time and managed to get everything sorted out to create a very unique ceremony who was really converying well their love and the meaning of their engagement. Both the American and French guests had a blast and were moved to tears, for a ceremony to be remembered.

You guys are like islands. Apart on the surface, but deep inside connected and linked by a greater purpose. You balance each other out, just like wine does with a good meal: you are great on your own, but together you are unstoppable.
- Extract of Angela & Guillaume's ceremony

As food and wine lovers, but also very loyal and committed persons, it was natural that they chose the winebox ritual (also called the time capsule ritual). They had picked a lovely champagne bottle and had prior to the ceremony, written a letter to the other they would hide in the box before closing it. They will only discover the words of the other in one of their wedding anniversary. As I asked them for how many wears they wished to wait before opening the box again, I loved to see their smiles to each other. And it is so naturally they gave me their answers: "10 years". And again, I loved how ambitious they were for themselves, and then let them go to their future, wishing them the best and to never let go of their fire within.

I cannot promise you fair sky above, I cannot promise you kind roads below. But if you can just remember to smile when the other makes you happy, yell when he or she makes you mad if you have to, and miss him or her when you are far away, then you already have more than most. Because perfect people do not exist but there is always one that is perfect for you.
- Extract of Angela & Guillaume's ceremony

Creating their ceremony was not an easy ride, but I am so grateful and proud we did! Thank you to both of them for their trust and for the honor of sharing this beautiful moment of their lives!


- Marylène Louis for the beautiful flowers compositions she created. Check out her work on maison montagnac website.

- A massive thanks to Laura at the domaine des monédières who did such an amazing job on top of having to deal with all the last minute changes.

- The beautiful photos are from Alexia from alexcphotographies

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